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Dr. Emmert Intro to Poultry Science 13 September 2006 2363 Section IV Reading Assignment 1. Several thresholds must be met in order to allow a pullet to develop her reproductive tract in response to increasing photoperiod and they include: age, body weight, and body consumption. 2. The hen’s ovary differs from other mammals in the fact that they are more diverse in the maturity of the follicle; therefore, they are not all the same size and develop in layers. Furthermore, a broiler hen is able to lay her first egg at about 24-27 weeks, which is much earlier than other mammals. 3. A bird perceives changes in a day length by extra-retinal photo perception.
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Unformatted text preview: Instead of light entering the eyes, light impacts the brain through the skull and sends a signal to the hypothalamus. Hormones are then secreted to regulate ovarian function. 4. Estrogen affects the liver of the hen by increasing its size through the production of yolk precursors. The liver may look pale, and will increase in content for the production of lipids. 5. Persistency of lay refers to the consistency of laying eggs in a sequence of days. A hen with a high persistency of lay will produce many eggs in a set number of days before any pauses....
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