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rice study guide exam 1 - CSES 3332 Exam 1 1. Name several...

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CSES 3332 Exam 1 1. Name several breeding methods or techniques . * Selection * Introduction * Hybridization * F1 Hybrids * Induced Mutation * 2. What two rice species are cultivated? * Oryza Sativa * Glaberrima * 3. Agronomic differences between indica and japonica * Japonica * * Indica * -High cold resistance of seedlings -Low cold resistance of seedlings -High lodging resistance -Low lodging resistance -High N response of grain yield -Low N response of grain yield -Short seed longevity in storage -Long seed longevity in storage -Little shattering -Much shattering -Heavy 100 grain weight -Light 100 grain weight -Narrow genetic base -Wide genetic base -Temperate or tropical adaptation -Tropical adaptation 4. Name three breeding objectives. * Increase yield * Decrease disease * Decrease shattering * 5. What are the differences between hybrid rice and conventional bred rice varieties? * Increased fertility * Less Disease * Takes 8 years to develop * New F1 seed every year * Male sterile inbred parent * Seed production is low and expensive * 6. Be able to name different plant organs. * Leaf Sheath * Leaf blade * Ligule (Acute,Acuminate,Cleft) * Auricle * Collar * Node * Culm (Stem) * Spikelet * Base * Axis * Pedicel * Primary panicle branch * Secondary branch * 7. Be able to name the different development stages and place them in chronological order . 1 * Vegetative (germination to panicle initiation) * Reproductive (panicle initiation [PI] to heading) * Grain filling and ripening or maturation (heading to maturity) 2 * Seed germination * Seedling emergence * Pre-tillering * tillering * Maximum tillering * Vegetative lag phase * -- * Panicle Initiation *I nternode elongation * Panicle differentiation * Booting * Heading * Anthesis * --Ripening (see Q8) 8. Name and define the five ripening stages. * Milk stage-developing starch grains in the kernel are soft, and the interior of the kernel is filled with a white liquid resembling milk. 1 week after pollination. * Soft dough stage-The starch in the grain is beginning to become firm but is still soft. 2
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rice study guide exam 1 - CSES 3332 Exam 1 1. Name several...

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