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Dr. Emmert Introduction to poultry science 23 August 2006 2353 Section I Reading Assignment 1. More than 90%. 2. Contracts and guaranteed market help growers reduce market risk by providing them with additional sources of income and ensuring that the final product will be sold, while avoiding a loss. 3. Growers have access to technical advice, market knowledge and technological advances. 4. Growers must care for chickens, provide land and shelter, utilities, and labor. 5. The general responsibilities of the contractor include: supplying the chicks, feed, management services, and transportation. 6. The general benefits of contracts for the integrated company are reducing uncertainty and controlling the quantity and quality of the product. 7. The average broiler grower’s return is 4.5% to 7%, while the U.S. production agriculture is only a 4.1% return. Therefore, the broiler grower’s return is greater than that of the U.S. production.
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