lecture1 - Lecture 1 - CS 402 Class Overview and Rules...

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Lecture1-CS402 Class Overview and Rules Times and places •M eets TTh 9:30-10:50 yOffice Hours are the hour immediately following class, SAL 232 •G enerally available via email - [email protected] •P hone during business hours 310-822-1511 x190 •T AisTBA •C lass web page is http://www.isi.edu/˜faber/cs402 Classes •L ecture twice a week you’re responsible for what goes on here lasses are videotaped and available in SeaverLibrary -T here is a lag -B egood to the librarians or you will lose your tape privleges. -b ereasonable to others, or you will lose your tape privleges. -I fyou need your own copies, you can arrange it with ITV in advance. There is a charge. lasses are on ITV -r emote students welcome -p articipate via phone -e lectronic fora ecture Notes (mine) made available via the web page Academic Integrity •Y ou must do your own work •d iscussing problems/homework is fine, but you must write your own code/answers •i tisinifintely better to hand in your own bad code than someone else’scode that you claim as your own. If you violate the Academic Integrity Policy of USC, 1 youfail the class -R ead it, Learn it, Live it fyou have some question about howthe policyapplies, talk to me or the Office of Stu- dent Conduct 2 Grading •4 0% project •3 5% final •2 0% midterm •5 %homework 1 http://www.usc.edu/student-affairs/student-conduct/grad_ai.htm 2 http://www.usc.edu/student-affairs/gateway/programs_services/student_conduct.html
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-2- Project •T he project is demanding - don’texpect to do well in this course if you don’tdev ote time to it •U nless you are a skilled, experienced programmer ,you cannot do these assignments in a week- end.
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lecture1 - Lecture 1 - CS 402 Class Overview and Rules...

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