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Formal Essay Due on Saturday, January 29 th For the formal essay assignment, you are required to write a comprehensive composition, that addresses one of the questions listed on page two of this handout.Your essay will rely solely on Inherit the Wind as your source material (primary source) and will be subjective, as you develop a thesis statement and arguments to support your position. Additional, outside sources or conducting research for this assignment are prohibited for this essay. This assignment requires a minimum of 750 words. Inherit the Wind is our second major text/work of literature, and a prime example of the intersection of two or more of our course themes: in this case,humanism,religionandscience.With this overall premise in mind, the assignment is designed to stimulate your critical thinking skills and ultimately for you to demonstrate the components and benefits of integrative learning. Your essay must follow the format of a college-level composition: introductory stage, developmental stage and concluding stage. The introduction and conclusion should be substantial. Theintroductionshould: introduce and summarize the source, and preview the lens for your analysis. The thesis statement (the
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