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The book misanthrope is a comedy of manner in verse and in five acts. The play is not only considered as the best play of Moliere but also one of the greatest of all comedies that focuses on an individual who criticizes others faults, spotlighting the literary pretension and social absurdities, and yet he remains blind for himself. In the society of aristocratic French the hypocrisy is depicted as a satire, but additionally engage a serious tone that points out the flaws that are possessed by human. The difference of this play with other farces is identical at the time of employing characters such as Célimène and Alceste who are used to criticize satirical society and is opposed by traditional flat character. The play differs other Molière’s work as he focuses more on nuances and character development than plot progression. Despite the play did not achieve commercial success in time, it currently survive as the best known work of Molière and much of its universal appeal is as a result of common misanthropy undercurrents across cultural borders. The play explicitly gives the story of Alceste who is a French aristocrat who raves about
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