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poli 136 A midterm notes - Ernest Gellner: Nations &...

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Immanuel Kant: Believed, partially, the tendency to make exceptions on one's own behalf or one's own case, is the central human weakness from which it flow. *The political effectiveness of natural sentiment would be much impaired if nationalists had a fine a sensibility to the wrongs committed by their nation as they have to those who committed against it. *ex: Italians under Mussolini called "sacro egoism" of nationalism Max Weber: State is that agency within society which possesses the monopoly of legitimate violence. In well ordered societies, private and sectional violence is illegitimate. Violence may on be applied by the central political authority ( force is an option ) * Nonetheless, there are states that do not monopolize legitimate violence within the territory they control * ex: Feudal states: they do not necessary object to private wars, as long as those who indulge in it refrain from endangering neutrals on the public highway or market. * ex: Iraqi state, under British tutelage after the first world war, tolerated tribal raids. In as long as the raiders dutifully reported at the
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nearest police station before and after the expedition. Thus leaving an orderly bureaucratic record of slain and booty. * Thus there are states which lack either the "will" or "means" to enforce their monopoly of legit gov't. Nationalism emerges only in milieux. The existence of politically centralized units and moral political climate, which are treated as normatives, are necessary though by no means a sufficient condition of
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poli 136 A midterm notes - Ernest Gellner: Nations &...

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