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December 3, 2007 Industry Actor-network theory Initial supposition: traditional dichotomies (nature/culture, traditional/modern, tangible/intangible) are not useful The world is made of connections (or heterogeneous associations) o Commodity network, not commodity chain o It is the links, not the nodes which are important o The activity of non-humans may be just as important o It is the connections that cause things to happen, not the actors themselves Immutable mobiles: technologies, types of peoples, money, coffee beans, etc (i.e. What is being circulated) Stresses the importance of intermediaries (those that tie the networks together) ANT and shrimp Immutable mobiles: shrimp, Chloramphenicol, money, technology Heterogeneous associations: o Relation of industry to state and private investment o Relation of European and American publics, states and medias to Chloramphenicol o Changing relation between Americans and food/diet, and the repositioning of shrimp
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industrygeognotes12-3 - December 3, 2007 Industry...

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