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Drury 1 Katelin Drury Mrs. Rebecca Burns ENG 102.6WH 22 April 2008 Importance of Attendance People make the decision to attend college to prepare themselves for employment. Although registering for a class presents a challenge to some college students, the actual attendance of that particular class proves to be the greatest obstacle. College is supposed to signify a newfound freedom in which students make important choices, however the freedom that it brings can be significantly troublesome. College is intended to grant one the opportunity to choose her own educational path without enforcing mandatory attendance policies, however certain colleges implement a required attendance policy, and the absence of “x” amount of days from one class ultimately results in a failing grade. At Saint Louis Community College, regular attendance is honored and expected. In English College Comp II, students are allowed to miss no more than two weeks of class, regardless of circumstance. In fact, students who miss more than two weeks can expect to receive a failing grade. No absence is excused and every student is encouraged to attend every
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class. I personally would like to argue these rules that Saint Louis Community College requires
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Attendance - Drury 1 Katelin Drury Mrs Rebecca Burns ENG...

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