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pH = 3 mL HNO added pH 0.00 25.00 50.00 75.00 (A) pH = (B) pH = (C) pH = Name March 28, 2003 Dr. Miertschin Chemistry 213 Test #2 Problems. Please work the problems on the blank sheets attached. Clearly label your work with the problem number and part. Copy your final answers onto this cover sheet. Please show your work for full credit. Use correct units and appropriate number of significant figures. 55 1. Pyridine, C H N, is used in the synthesis of vitamins, drugs, and fungicides. Calculate the b pH of a 0.50 M solution of pyridine. The K of pyridine is 1.5 × 10 G . 9 752 2. (A) Calculate the pH of a solution made from 0.75 M benzoic acid (HC H O ) and 0.50 M a sodium benzoate (NaC H O ). The K of benzoic acid is 6.3 × 10 G . 5 (B) Calculate the pH if 0.25 mol of HI are added to 1.00 L of the solution described in part A above. Assume no volume change. (C) Calculate the pH if 0.15 mol of KOH are added to 1.00 L of the solution described in
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