Test 2 - Chem. 212 (01/02/03) W INONA STATE UNIVERSITY Test...

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Chem. 212 WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY Oct. 27, 2006 (01/02/03) Test #2 - 50 Marks Dr. Ng Name________________________________________Signature__________________________________ BOX# _________ ( L A S T , F I R S T ) General Instructions: Follow rules of sig. figs. whenever appropriate and show your work for full credits. Box final answer(s) with appropriate unit(s). If necessary, use atomic and molecular weights given in the question; otherwise, use information provided in the attached periodic table. PART A: Multiple Choice ( 14 x 2 each = 28 marks ). Circle the LETTER corresponding to the ONE correct answer. Circle only one. [28] 1. Under the condition of constant pressure, the energy flow in the form of heat is called : (a) ) E (b) w (c) ) V (d) ) T (e) none of these 2. If a system gained 21 kJ of internal energy ( ) E) while performing 15 kJ of work on the surroundings, what was the heat flow (q) involved in the process? (a) 0 kJ (b) 6 kJ (c) -36 kJ (d) 36 kJ (e) none of these 3. When a liquid substance is frozen as a solid, the energy change for the substance is : (a) zero (b) positive (c) negative (d) infinite (e) none of these 4.
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Test 2 - Chem. 212 (01/02/03) W INONA STATE UNIVERSITY Test...

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