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Chem. 212 - Quiz #1 WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY Sep. 8, 2006 (01/02/03) Dr. Ng Name __________________________________Signature____________________________Box#______ P R I N T ( L A S T , F I R S T ) Also Write/BOX your Box# on the back. Random ID #________ 1. Give the name or symbol for the following. [3] (a) Rn _________________ (d) lead _______________ (b) Fe _________________ (e) silver _______________ (c) Na _________________ (f) potassium _______________ 2. How many significant figures are present in the recorded measurement of
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Unformatted text preview: 0.06030x10 cm ? 5-1 [1] Answer: __________________ 3. Give the appropriate abbreviated notation of prefix and unit for : [1] 10 gram = __________________-9 4. Perform the following calculation and give your final answer in conventional scientific notation. You must show your work for full credits. [5] (A) Subtraction: Intermediate Answer: ____________________________________ (B) Division: Final Answer:...
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