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Chem. 212 - Quiz #3 WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY Oct. 11, 2006 (01/02/03) Dr. Ng Name _____________________________________ Signature ______________________ Box#_______ P R I N T ( L A S T , F I R S T ) Instructions: Follow rules of sig. figs. Show your work for full credits. Box final answer(s) with appropriate unit(s). 1. If a system lost 17.5 kJ of internal energy while absorbing 12.5 kJ of work , what is the heat flow involved in the process ?
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Unformatted text preview: Give the answer in unit of joules denoted in conventional scientific notation. [4] 2. Large beds of rocks are used in some solar-heated homes to store heat. The specific heat of the rocks is 0.82 J g °C . Calculate the amount of rocks ( in units of kilograms ) that could store-1-1 5.0x10 J of heat if the temperature of the rocks was increased by 12.0 Kelvins. 5 [6]...
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