carbonyl reactions - aldehydes and ketones

carbonyl reactions - aldehydes and ketones - Carbonyl...

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Carbonyl Reactions - Aldehydes and Ketones O C OH CH 1. NaBH 4 OH C R 1. RMgX OH C CN HCN N C R-NH 2 R R 2 -NH NR 2 C C 2 ROH OR C OR Ph 3 -P-CR 2 C C RR 2. H 3 O + 2. H 3 O + H 2 NNH 2 H CH KOH H 3 O + THF cyanohydrin imine enamine alkane (Wolff-Kishner) acetal alkene (Wittig) Nucleophilic Addition Reactions Aldehyde Preparation OH CH 2 R PCC CH 2 Cl 2 O C H C C 1. O 3 2. Zn, CH 3 CO 2 H O C H Ketone Preparation O C H or Jones Reagent
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