quiz 2 - energies 2 An ideal gas(molecular weight= 30.0...

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Principles of Chemical Processes II QUIZ 2 February 13, 2008 NAME: _______________________ 1- Values of the specific internal energy of bromine at three conditions are listed here State of Aggregation T (K) P (bar) ( ) gmol L V ˆ () gmol kJ U ˆ Liquid 300 0.310 0.0516 0.000 Vapor 300 0.310 79.94 28.24 Vapor 340 1.33 20.92 29.62 What reference state was used to generate the listed specific internal
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Unformatted text preview: energies? 2- An ideal gas (molecular weight= 30.0) flows through a constant-diameter pipe of 0.5-m in diameter, For the given conditions, what is the final (outlet) velocity of the gas? Inlet Outlet T (K) 300 400 P (kPa) 150 140 ( ) sec 3 m V & 2.0 Not available ( ) = sec m u outlet pipe Please, show all your work on the back of this page...
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