carboxylic acid and derivative reactions

carboxylic acid and derivative reactions - O C Y NH 3 O C...

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Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives Reactions Reactions of carboxylic acids O C OH SOCl 2 O C Cl O C OH heat, 200 o C O C O 2 O C O C OH 1. Base, R'X O C OR' 2. R'X O C OH Acid catalyst O C OR' R'OH General nucleophilic acyl substitutions O C O O C O O C O C Cl + O C Y Nu O C Nu + Y where Y = Br, Cl, I (acid halide) -OR (ester) (anhydride) -NH 2 (amide) O C O R acid chloride anhydride anhydride ester ester Carboxylic Acid Preparation O C Ph OH Ph CH 3 KMnO 4 H 2 O, heat C C O C OH KMnO 4 H 3 O + 2 O C OH Jones (CrO 3 , H 3 O + ) CH 2 OH O C OH Jones or Ag + , NH 4 OH O C H O C OH 1. H 3 O + 2. NaOH, H 2 O C N O C OH 1. CO 2 2. H 3 O + R MgX O C Y H 2 O O C OH + Y hydrolysis
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Unformatted text preview: O C Y NH 3 O C NH 2 + Y aminolysis (H + or OH-catalyzed) O C Y ROH O C OR + Y alcoholysis O C Y 1. LiAlH 4 , ether OH CH 2 + Y reduction 2. H 3 O + O C Y 1. 2 R'MgX, ether OH C + Y Grignard 2. H 3 O + Specific nucleophilic acyl substitutions and Nu = nucleophile, such as NH 3 , NH 2 R, NHR 2 , NR 3 OH-, H 2 O, H-, ROH, RO-, CN-R' R' 25 o C, ether...
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