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Lab Report #1

Lab Report #1 - Department of Textile Engineering Chemistry...

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Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science North Carolina State University Fiber Science Laboratory Report Exercise Number 1 Textile Fibers and the Microscope By Sophia Lu TMS211 Lab, Section 204 Submitted to Professor Bhupender S. Gupta January 30, 2008
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1. ABSTRACT The experiment was completed in order to increase our knowledge of microscopes and to learn how to distinguish individual fibers from one another. In this experiment, three pieces of different types of fiber were examined. Each one was mounted longitudinally placed with either oil, water or by itself to observe the different structures under various conditions. The different types of fibers that were used in this experiment were wool, polyester and acetate. One of the results that were concluded in this experiment was that when mineral oil was placed with acetate, the fiber was no longer visible. As substances were placed with the fibers, they became less visible through the microscopic eye. 2. OBJECTIVES 1. To become familiar with the components and the operation of a compound microscope. 2. To learn to prepare slides with different mounting mediums. 3. To observe how the details vary from fiber to fiber and from media to media. 3. INTRODUCTION Knowing how to use a microscope is important in this experiment because it will help you in the future experiments. Managing a microscope may seem simple but it alone itself has a lot of rules you need to follow. Uses of the compound microscopes are not all needed to be used in the particular class but it was still important to know all of the uses
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Lab Report #1 - Department of Textile Engineering Chemistry...

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