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psych ad descript - "Distress and disease status among...

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"Distress and disease status among patients with rheumatoid arthritis: roles of coping styles and perceived responses from support providers" Annals of Behavioral Medicine , 23:2 , 2001 , 133-138 . One of the main problems with rheumatoid arthritis, is not the disease itself, but the actual ability to cope with it. This disease not only effects people physically but can take a great toll on them mentally. These feeble victims tend to heavily rely on a close friend or spouse for support. This person may be sympathetic and do everything they can to help, however over time it may cause them to be irritated and angry. The ultimate result is this spouse/friend can no longer be as attentive. This is not a good condition for the friend /spouse, and it is especially bad for the person with rheumatoid arthrirts. The patient then no longer feels they can vent or express their emotions, leaving them even more depressed. This depression then takes a toll on them physically, causing the effects of the arthritis to increase. It is a vicious cycle that needs intervention. In the study done
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