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cult 8 - example that illustrates this problem was the...

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Miriam Lindemann Week 8 Henry Jenkins and Ed Halter express the relationship that exists between war and games in our society and the consequences it can have on us. More often now in contemporary times war is being confused with video games. This is a very disturbing concept. Children today are growing up playing infinite amounts of violent video games and they are not even aware of the psychological impact it’s taking on them. The media have taken a very brutal aspect in our culture and have reduced it down to something as petty as a video game. The consequence of this act is it desensitizes our society to these vehement acts, and numbs our emotions to the actually outcomes of war and murder. One
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Unformatted text preview: example that illustrates this problem was the columbine shooting in America. These teenagers were definitely greatly disturbed to have committed such an act, but the violent video games they played were said to have had a bit of influence in the situation as well. In fact after this incident video games started coming out with specific ratings as warning that children should not be playing such games. Unfortunately it’s hard to have complete control over of the situation, and the problem is almost inevitable. The best we can do is educate people on the effects war video games can have on our society and be more sensitive to what the actually of meaning of war is...
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