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Miriam Lindemann April 25, 2007 Cul 100 Week 6 Reading: The Invention Of Sexuality’ in Sexuality London: Routledge, 1986. pp.19-44 Throughout our lives we are constantly trying to define and explore who we are. However I feel as if in contemporary times this definition is becoming harder and harder for terms are becoming more and more ambiguous. For example in this weeks readings we explored the term sexuality. This is one of the ways in which people define themselves (through their sexuality). However this term is not so clear cut, like gender is.
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Unformatted text preview: If a person has a Y chromosome then he is male, and if a person lacks this Y chromosome then she is female, end of discussion. As Jeffrey Weeks points out in his article Sexuality is not a given, it is a product of neogitoation, struggle and human agency (p.25) In through our culture and it fact it is a cultural invention that sexuality is a fixed identity. It is rather something that is incorporated within, and for every individual to decide for him/or herself who they are sexually attracted to....
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