Chapter 7 (4310)

Chapter 7 (4310) - with Social Darwinism? III....

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Study Guide. Chapter 7 From Darwinism to Progressivism I. Introduction 1. 1865-1914: Why did the American ethos evolve from religiosity to the "American Way"? 2. 1901 as linchpin: Why was Theodore Roosevelt a representative of the modern world, and McKinley a representative of earlier America? 3. What were the 2 great cultural shifts of these years? II. Darwinism 4. How did Darwin destroy the notion of an orderly world, and a personal God? 5. Asa Gray: Darwinism could be compatible with theism. Explain. 6. How did Puritanism set the stage for Social Darwinism? 7. Why did Herbert Spencer argue against social reform? - What did the Reform Darwinists to refute Spencer? a. Terms/IDs: Acres of Diamonds, Lester Ward 8. Jane Addams: What was her influence on the American scene? Her experience
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Unformatted text preview: with Social Darwinism? III. Progressivism 9. What was Progressivism? a. Terms/IDs: Progressivism as 3rd Great Awakening, "formalizing the professions" 10. Alice Hamilton a. Why is she a proper figure to focus on? (hint: represented era) b. She was a Progressive, a feminist, and a "Progressive feminist". (prof's phrasing). Expl IV. Tycoons and laissez faire 11. Andrew Carnegie was a cultural mixture, part tycoon but with other qualities. a. How did his view of noblesse oblige fit into the patterns of American philanthropy? 12. John D. Rockefeller had personal qualities less admirable than Carnegie's, but his philanthropy was more widespread (is this a logical contrast?) 13. What was the basic moral contradiction of these 2 tycoons-philanthropists? (discuss, with examples re later generations)...
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Chapter 7 (4310) - with Social Darwinism? III....

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