Chapter 10-11(4310)

Chapter 10-11(4310) - a European expatriates What did...

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Study Guide. Chapters 10/11 The Reunion with Europe 1910-1941/Indigenous Arts 1901-1941 1. pp. 185-186 Introduction a. "As America entered the twentieth century its creative life seemed hopelessly divided." -Was this division new? -"The National Culture, thus, proved inhospitable only for two generations." Explain in your own words. 2. pp. 189-191 Ernest Hemingway a. Ernest Hemingway: The two key phrases in this section are (in prof's opinion) "World War I had worn out the language." How did Hemingway's writing show this? "nouns were the only reality, and rituals in nature the last refuge of wounded modern man" Explain re Hemingway 3. pp. 195-205 European expatriates
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Unformatted text preview: a. European expatriates: What did America do for them, and what did they do for America?" (Einstein's letter is the most famous example of this, but do not limit yourself to this) IDs: behaviorists, Gestaltists 4. pp. 206-210 Jazz, New Orleans, Louis Armstrong a. How were the blues an expression of black life? b. four reasons why New Orleans was the birthplace of jazz. c. Satchmo: know the stages of his life, from youth on. 5. pp. 210-213 George Gershwin a. Gershwin: "Black jazz had become a white trick" Explain 6. pp. 222-226 Aaron Copland a. What figure did we read about, earlier in the course, that reminded you of Copland's life and career. Why?...
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Chapter 10-11(4310) - a European expatriates What did...

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