Chapter 16-17

Chapter 16-17 - -40 acres and a mule-sharecropping-crop...

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Study Guide. Chapters 16,17 Chapter 16 Crises of Reconstruction, 1865-1877 - Define Reconstruction. why is it important? 1. How did Lincoln’s plan/Johnson’s plan for reconstruction differ from that of the Radical Republicans? (which side won?) 2. Andrew Johnson: a man of contradictions 3. 14th amendment: then versus now 4. Andrew Johnson’s impeachment: what happened and why was it significant? 5. What happened in the 1876 election? What did the Compromise of 1877 mean to the freedmen? IDs Chapter 16 Radical Republicans -Lincoln’s plan -Wade-Davis Bill -Black Codes -Friedmen’s Bureau -Civil Rights Act 1866 -Reconstruction Act 1867 -Thaddeus Stevens -Tenure of Office Act -15 th amendment -carpetbagger -scalawag -Black Republicans
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-Ku Klux Klan -1883 Civil Rights Cases
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Unformatted text preview: -40 acres and a mule-sharecropping-crop lien-Credit Mobilier-Waving the Bloody Shirt-Compromise of 1877 Chapter 17. Transformation of the Trans-Mississippi West, 1860-1900 6. How was Indian life on the great plains transformed in the second half of the century? a. (changing status: foreign nations, to dependents, to citizens) 7. Creation of a frontier legend late 1800s a. the legend and dime novels b. was it true? ("Western myth was far removed from western realities.") c. the legend and conservation d. professors and the West (Frederick Jackson Turner’s famous lecture) IDs Chapter 17 George Armstrong Custer-Helen Hunt Jackson-Dawes Severalty Act-Wounded Knee-Promontory Point-Homestead Act-Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo-Juan Cortina (and Laredo)-dime novel-Sooners-Frederick Jackson Turner-John Muir...
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Chapter 16-17 - -40 acres and a mule-sharecropping-crop...

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