Chapter 22 - - the student should be familiar with the...

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Study Guide. Chapter 22. Global Involvements and World War I, 1902-1920 IDs: Philippe Bunau-Varilla, Walter Reed, Roosevelt Corollary, “send in the Marines” Quotes: I am going to teach the South American republics to elect good men. (p.512). He kept us out of war. (p.515) 1. Explain how the United States became an enemy of Japan. Russia-Japanese War, Gentleman’s Agreement, yellow peril (p.511) IDs: Pancho Villa 2. What began World War I? - Balkan nationalism, alliance system, Archduke Prince Ferdinand (immediate causes vs. underlying causes) a. Why did many Americans not follow President Wilson’s call for neutrality? b. Why did the United States entered the war? IDs: Lusitania, Sussex (pledge) 3. How did World War I affect (total war)
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Unformatted text preview: - the student should be familiar with the battle names where the AEF served with distinction (Chteau Thierry, etc., p. 519) a. Women (p. 516, 523) b. Russia c. German-Americans (all things German) d. African-Americans (p. 523 e. Civil rights (Espionage Act 1917, Sedition Amendment 1918) f. Progressivism IDs: Selective Service Act, Bernard Baruch, Herbert Hoover, General John J. Pershing (Blackjack Pershing), Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, George Creel 4. What were Woodrow Wilsons goals at Versailles? What did the European powers think of his goals? a. Why did Wilson lose the fight over the League of Nations? IDs: 14 Points, Ho Chi Minh, Henry Cabot Lodge, Edith Gault IDs: Red Scare, J. Edgar Hoover, A. Mitchell Palmer, normalcy...
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Chapter 22 - - the student should be familiar with the...

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