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Chapter 24 - Civilian Conservation Corps Agricultural...

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Chapter 24. The Great Depression and the New Deal 1. The historiography of Hoover's response to the depression - trickle down vs. direct aid 2. What were the challenges from Right and Left 1934-1935? 3. Was there a New Deal for African Americans? (symbols vs. policy) IDs: Black Thursday Bonus March New Deal John Nance Garner "The only thing we have two fear is fear itself" Brain Trust Eleanor Roosevelt Bank Holiday fireside chat
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Unformatted text preview: Civilian Conservation Corps Agricultural Adjustment Act (CCC) National Recovery Administration (NRA) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Charles Coughlin Francis E. Townsend Huey Long Second New Deal Works Progress Administration (WPA) John Maynard Keynes Rural Electrification Administration (REA) Wagner Act Social Security Act Mary McLeod Bethune John Collier court packing Roosevelt Recession sitdown strike Popular Front...
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