Chapter 1B (4310)

Chapter 1B (4310) - Study Guide. Chapter 1 (Part B) VI....

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Study Guide. Chapter 1 (Part B) VI. American Revolution. Clash of ideas 1 . The working out of the American Revolution left Americans with strong ideas about government and economy: Explain general view of role of government relationship between government and the workings of capitalism role of citizenry/government in social change revolutionary leadership and later Americans' view of revolutions The last item deserves further discussion. Why is it that Americans, a people with a revolutionary beginning/tradition, have generally been hostile to revolutions? 2 . What was salutary neglect, and how did it shape American economic ideas? a . How did the English colonies differ from the Spanish colonies in this regard? 3 . What was mercantilism, and how did it touch off the American Revolution? - British constitution vs. US constitution VII. American Revolution. New Political Concepts 4 . Describe the author's comparison: Freud's Id and (original sin) vs. the colonials'
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Chapter 1B (4310) - Study Guide. Chapter 1 (Part B) VI....

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