Chapter 4 (4310)

Chapter 4 (4310) - a To what extent did he go against the...

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Study Guide. Chapter 4 Cultural Nationalism 1815-1865 I. de Toqueville 1. How did Alexis de Tocqueville happen to visit the US? (his biography) 2. What were the strengths and weaknesses of American democracy, as seen by Tocqueville? II. Issues of the young nation 3. Why was a national bank unpopular early 1800s, and acceptable now? III. John Quincy Adams 4. John Quincy Adams: his biography 5. What were Adams' contributions to American democracy and foreign policy? IV. Literature of the young nation 6. There were arguments that the US was not ready for a national literature in the early 1800s. Explain. a. How did some writers overcame the perceived barriers. (themes, etc.)? V. Washington Irving 7. To what extent was Washington Irving an exponent of cultural nationalism?
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Unformatted text preview: a. To what extent did he go against the nationalist tide? - How was he seminal? VI. New York becomes cultural center 8. How did James Fenimore Cooper's writings reflect the American scene? a. its past? b. its future? c. its setting? 9. What were Cooper's innovations --- and limitations? VII. Edgar Allen Poe 10. In what respect was Edgar Allen Poe less American -- and more modern? a. How was this a reflection of his upbringing? b. Poe "invented" the detective story. How did this reflect his psychic state? The Hist 4310 student should be able to discuss -- briefly -- Romanticism and the following.-definition/spirit of Romanticism-common people-Emotion-Epistemology and the 2 kinds of knowledge-Exoticism-Gothic Romance-historical novel-Individualism-Love-Medievalism-Nationalism-Nature-Romanticism vs the Enlightenment-Rousseau-Shakespeare-Utopianism...
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Chapter 4 (4310) - a To what extent did he go against the...

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