Chapter 6(4310)

Chapter 6(4310) - a Values of the West Southern Calvinist...

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Study Guide. Chapter 6 The Defeat of the South and the Appeal of the West 1815-1901 I. Introduction 1. The 3 culture centers of the South II. John James Audubon 1785-1851 2. Audubon's life (father, as western entrepreneur, confronting Europeans: exploiting/embodying the western image, as artist,) III. Southern intellectuals 3. Barriers to cultural development in the South. What were they? 4. How did Thomas Cooper's career indicate the limits of intellectual opportunity in the South? IV. William Gilmore Simms 5. What parallels could Southerners see between Scott's characters and themselves? 6. What kind of books did William Gilmore Simms write, and how were they received? V. John C. Calhoun 7. How did Calhoun's career parallel the southern relationship with the North? 8. Calhoun took northern arguments, and used them to defend southern interests. How? VI. The West as enterprise and Stephen Douglas 9. p.110: "the West was harder to pin down." Explain.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Values of the West: Southern? Calvinist New England? 10. Stephen A. Douglas represented the West's democratic, commercial, utilitarian side. Explain. a. Terms/IDs: Popular sovereignty VII. The West as romance 11. The myth/romance of the West contained numerous dualities (contrasting realities/images). Discuss. VIII. Nathaniel Hawthorne 12. Hawthorne was an avoider in an age of joiners, and a skeptic in an age of believers. Explain all 4 sides of this. 13. How did Hawthorne's view of the West compare with the general American view? IX. Herman Melville 14. Herman Melville: his life 15. For Melville, the West was the sea. Explain. 16. p.122 "Moby Dick was above all about Melville's quarrel with God." Explain. X. Mark Twain 17. p.123 "Scholars have agreed he was a man divided against himself." Explain. a. social/linguistic/regional/literary/moral? 18. p.125 "A sense of sectionalism lived on in America long after it had much validity in fact." [prof: but not in the case of one region] Discuss these thoughts....
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Chapter 6(4310) - a Values of the West Southern Calvinist...

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