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Chapter 8 (4310) - a James and the free will vs determinism...

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Study Guide. Chapter 8 From Anti-Social Darwinism to Pragmatism I. Introduction 1. "Colonialism was far more a mental condition than a political one .... " Explain a. ID: neo-colonialism 2. Americans loudly proclaimed their originality (Independence to c1865). a. In some way this was true. Explain. b. In the larger picture it was empty boasting. Explain. II. Pragmatism 3. Boston's Metaphysical Club was not at all metaphysical. Explain. a. How did the Pragmatists differ from the Social Darwinists re religion? b. How was Pragmatism a practical philosophy for a practical people? - was it subjective or objective -- realist or nominalist? (is this a contradiction re absolutes?) III. William James 4. How did the James family education fit the boys to be iconoclasts? 5. What was William James' principal contribution to the field of psychology? (he was very much an American -- not metaphysical)
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Unformatted text preview: a. James and the free will vs. determinism controversy? - A thought: How was it that religion was connected with free will and science with lack of free will? 6. How did James give a Pragmatic slant to religion? IV. John Dewey 7. What were Dewey's innovations in the Chicago Lab school? a. How were these a related to Pragmatism? to American democracy? b. weaknesses/criticisms of his approach/educational reforms? V. Freud in America 8. The New England atmosphere and William James set the stage for Freud's reception in the US. How? 9. "Historians have coined 2 terms to deal with the basic assumptions concerning mental illness before psychoanalysis." What were they, and how did sex fit into these 2 terms/constructs? a. Why did physicians begin to question the second of these (somatic style)? 10. How was G. Stanley Hall a precursor to Freud? 11. How did Freud's ideas differ from the 2 terms/constructs? Consider: the unconscious, maturation, neuroses, sexual phases, Oedipus/Electra Complex, dreams...
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Chapter 8 (4310) - a James and the free will vs determinism...

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