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PS 347 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION SPRING SEMESTER 2008 Instructor: Dr. Yogesh Grover Office Hours: Office: Minne 122 MWF 1:00- 2:00 Phone: 457-5415 TR 9:30-12:30 Email: Required Texts: International Organizations: Perspectives on Governance in the Twenty-First Century 3 rd Edition. Kelly-Kate S. Pease. Pearson Prentice Hall 2008. Regulating Globalization: Critical Approaches to Global Governance. Pierre de Senarclens and Ali Kazancigil, eds. United Nations Press 2007 Additional readings will be assigned from time to time. International Organization is a course about how different countries, peoples and organizations go about organizing themselves in order to protect their interests and respond to their individual and collective needs at national and international levels. Although the international system is considered to be anarchical, states and peoples have created a myriad of organizations to reduce the anarchy and coordinate their efforts to work toward common goals. There is no formal international government but there is certainly international governance. In this course we will look at international governance, examine the extent to which it meets people’s and states’ needs, and consider ways in which it can be reformed to respond to global challenges better. This course also satisfies the University Studies Writing Flag requirement. As a Writing Flag course,
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This note was uploaded on 04/26/2008 for the course POLITICAL 347 taught by Professor Grover during the Spring '08 term at Winona.

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