EXAM 2 TEST - Print Name(Last First Drama 116.002 Exam Two...

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Hamlet Claudius The Ghost Polonius Laertes Print Name (Last, First) _____________________________________________ Drama 116.002 Exam Two March 31, 2008 Multiple Choice 1) Naturalism 1) Oscar Wilde 2) Emile Zola 3) Christopher Marlowe 4) Eugene Scribe 5) Harriet Beecher Stowe 2) In the Elizabethan Theatre, a great many playgoers were satisfied to stand around the stage and were nicknamed _____________ 1) Lazzi or lazzo 2) The Heavens 3) The Mouth of Hell 4) Moiras 5) None of the above 3) During the Dark Ages these plays dramatized the lives of saints 1) Morality Plays 2) Melodrama Plays 3) Miracle Plays 4) Mystery Plays 5) Passion Plays 4) Modern Theatre began with four dramatists. Which of the following is more of a director? 1) Henrik Ibsen 2) August Strindberg 3) Anton Chekhov 4) Constantin Stanislavski 5) The most famous name in eighteenth-century English drama, the legendary actor and manager of the Drury Lane Theatre. 1) John Dryden 2) Nell Gwyne 3) David Garrick 4) August Strindberg 5) Christopher Marlowe 6) An Abbott and Costello routine. Chevy Chases’ pratfalls. Spontaneous interruption of a scene. (Italian Renaissance) 1) Zanni 2) Lazzo or Lazzi 3) Burla 4) Frons Scaena 5) None of the above 7) “The changes did not take place overnight, but as new theatres were built in the early nineteenth century (and as older theatres were refurbished) the apron shrank and the front doors leading to it
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EXAM 2 TEST - Print Name(Last First Drama 116.002 Exam Two...

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