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Notes for Final Aeneid Paper

Notes for Final Aeneid Paper - and unsheathes the sword of...

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Notes for Final Aeneid Paper: First couch incident occurs around line 80 Translation: “After everyone has departed and the dark moon in turn represses light and the falling stars persuade sleep, she alone mourns in the empty home and reclines on the couch he left. Her being absent, she hears and sees the man or holds Ascanius in her lap, captivated by the image of his father” “Post ubi degressi, lumenque obscura vicissim luna premit suadentque cadentia sidera somnos, sola domo maeret vacua stratisque relictis incubat. Illum absens absentem auditque videtque, aut gremio ascanium genitoris imagine capta detinet” (lines 80-85) Second Couch incident occurs around line 655 Translation: “[Dido] breaks into the threshold of the inner house and mounts wildly the high pyre
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Unformatted text preview: and unsheathes the sword of the Trojan, a gift not sought for such use. After she sees these familiar Trojan cloths and bed, she delays her thought and through a few tears, she reclines on the couch.” “interiorA domus inrumpit limina et altos conscendit furibunda gradus ensemque recludit dardanium, non hos quaesitum munus in usus. hic, postquam iliaCAS VESTIS NOTUMQUE CUBILE CONSPEXIT, PAULUM LACRIMIS ET MENTE MORATA INCUBUITQUE TORO” (LINES 645-650) Translation: “she says with her face imprinting the banquet couch,” (aka kissing) “Dixit, et os impressa toro” (line 659)...
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