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Dante Paper - A Hypocritical God Is the Christian God truly...

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A Hypocritical God Is the Christian God truly perfect? Is He/She/It even any better than human beings? I sincerely doubt it. In The Inferno by Dante, several sinners are punished for sins that the Christian God himself is guilty of. For example, those who play with other people’s emotions end up so deep down in the circle that there would be no way out even if they were allowed to go as high up as they could climb. These sinners, who are appropriately referred to as the seducers, find themselves in the first Bolgia of the eighth circle, forced forever to maintain a fast pace march while being goaded on with whips. Personally, I do not see how these people in hell are any different the Christian God because I fail to understand how a God that only allows those who do his every bidding or those who apologize profusely can be loved. He/She/It makes the human beings who live on earth jump through hoops to be in His/Her/Its good graces. When, though, do the humans receive anything in return? I can pray for wars to end and for my family to be safe, but it never really happens. Miracles rarely happen and definitely do not usually happen for those who deserve it most because of their constant prayers. Real happiness is even rarer. Therefore, is God not then stringing human beings along for His/Her/Its own purposes and then should march along with the other seducers in the eighth circle of hell? What of God’s prophets? Why are they loved and are reserved a spot in Paradiso while
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Dante Paper - A Hypocritical God Is the Christian God truly...

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