Seven loaves for seven stages

Seven loaves for seven stages - Seven Loaves for Seven...

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Seven Loaves for Seven Stages People never know when they will die. If they live a complete life, they live through the seven stages of man that are outlined by William Shakespeare in the “All the World’s a Stage” speech from his play “As You Like It.” In the middle of these seven stages, the title character from the book Gilgamesh fears death and tries to stay awake for seven days to prove that he was worthy of eternal life. Unfortunately for him, he failed to stay awake and instead slept for the seven days. During these seven days, Utnapishtim’s wife baked seven loaves of bread and each one shares similarities with one of the stages of man outlined by the “All the World’s a Stage” speech. The first age of man, the infant, shares similarities with the seventh loaf of bread. This “seventh loaf was still hot on the coals” (Mitchell 192) when Gilgamesh awoke. Like the freshly baked bread, the infant has his entire life ahead of him. Just as the bread is newly from the hot coals, he is newly from the womb. A freshly baked loaf of bread can be used in many types of meals. It can be anything from a light snack when smeared with butter to the outside pieces of a large meaty sandwich. Similarly, an infant has many opportunities in his life. He can become anything from a lawyer to an engineer. Like the seventh, newly baked loaf, the infant has a multitude of possibilities for what to do with his lifetime. Next is the whining school boy, who is so against learning that his life becomes stale, like the sixth loaf of bread. In this age of man, the boy “creep[s] like snail unwillingly to school.” The school boy does not wish to learn although learning is what makes life life. An education is what creates interest in life in general. Although school is not the only place to get an education,
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Seven loaves for seven stages - Seven Loaves for Seven...

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