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plato essay - The Nonexistence of Reality BUSH: .and...

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The Nonexistence of Reality BUSH: …and therefore I ask you the Congress of the United States to grant me funds and permission through the renewal of the grandest of all grand Patriot Act, to spy on my ex- girlfriend, I mean, terrorists for the sake of national security. FINEGOLD: I am sorry Mr. President, but I will have to oppose your request on the basis that- BUSH: There are terrorists out there ready to attack this most beautiful of countries, the United States of America, and that is reality! FINEGOLD: Oh go eat a pretzel, Mr. President. The country is at no higher of a risk now than it was two years ago. Besides, reality is only a concept formulated by human minds and does not truly exist. BUSH: Reality exists! It exists because I say so! FINEGOLD: Then I fear for this country based on who they elected president, but I will prove to anyone who will listen that reality does not exist. KERRY : I am willing to explore reality with you. BUSH: You are going to conversate about reality while there are troops dying in Iraq?! FINEGOLD: Well, Mr. President, there would not be so many troops there to die, if you did not send more over every time someone or something confused you. Now Mr. Kerry, what would be your definition of reality? KERRY: Reality is things that exist. FINEGOLD: How do you know they exist? KERRY: They exist because of fact, an entity or concept whose truth can be proven. FINEGOLD: But what is truth? KERRY: It is the accuracy of something as a position or adjustment. 1
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FINEGOLD: So, truth is unchangeable correct? KERRY: Most definitely. FINEGOLD: You consider yourself one who is skilled in the art of mathematics. Would you, therefore, agree that, in math, one would equal one then and two would equal two and that these are both facts? KERRY:
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plato essay - The Nonexistence of Reality BUSH: .and...

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