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Moving Issues, Spring 2008 DANC 207 Lab, week 2 1. Pick something that happened in the last week that was important to you. Spend some time writing about what happened. 2. Think about another experience in your life that feels similar to what happened this week. Write about that. 3. Reflect on the commonalities and themes in these two experiences. Write about this. 4. Look at your writing and circle all the words that have action or movement in them.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Pick 5 circled words and begin to play with them in movement. 6. For each word, develop 4 different movements that go with it. 7. Play with combining the movements into phrases. 8. Go back to the experience you originally wrote about in #1. How has your experience of the event changed? What happened when you translated it into movement? Describe the relationship between the real-life event and your experience of movment....
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