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Moving Issues, Sp. 08 DANC 207 Lab Week 10, April 10 (due Apr 15) ALMOLST EXACT SAME PROCESS AS MOVEMENT PHRASE HOMEWORK – USE A DIFFERENT PHRASE 1) Pick a phrase from your final dance project that you would like to develop. 2) Repeat the phrase 5 – 10 times. 3) Free write about the phrase with anything that comes to mind – words, phrases, sentences, etc. 4) Alter the phrase in as many ways as you would like, experimenting with how to make it work better, feel better, express yourself more, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Create 3 variations of the phrase. 6) Show them to someone and ask for feedback (use the guidelines of the critical response process). 7) Pick the version of the phrase that you now feel the best about and think about how you might incorporate it into your dance. 8) You are welcome to use any and all of the material from creating this phrase in your final pieces. 9) Write a little about this process and what you learned from it....
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