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Moving Issues, sp 08 DANC 207 Lab, Week 8, March 20 (due March 25) 1) Spend some time writing about the final project for the class. Use the following promts as inspiration: a. What issues in your life feel interesting, relevant, compelling, etc.? b. What issues can you imagine working on for the final project? c. If you have already chosen an option, which is it? If not, which of the options do you think you are most drawn to? Why? d. When you think about your work for the final project, what do you imagine? e. What ideas do you have? f. What questions do you have? g. What feels exciting? h. What feels difficult? i. Where do you think you are in the creative process for this project?
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Either improvise about all this to explore your thoughts and feelings or use the time to work on developing your project in a way that is a little more focused (this can certainly include improvisation). You are welcome to include music if this feels appropriate. 3) Use some other art medium to express your experience with this exploration – write a poem, paint a picture, create a song, make a mixed CD, develop a sculpture with random objects, etc. 4) Write about what it was like to develop your exploration through the other art....
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