Mi_08_lab_week_5_feb - 2 For each of the 3 sources of inspiration a Write/draw about the source b Improvise in movement about the source c Create a

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Moving Issues, sp 08 DANC 207 Lab, Week 5 Feb. 21 1. In this lab you will choose 3 different sources of inspiration: a. An artistic source (music, painting, poetry, photography, etc.) Choose a specific piece of music/art/writing/etc. that you want to dance to/about. b. A personal issue that is important to you. c. One other source that you pick. This can be anything that inspires you in your dancing.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. For each of the 3 sources of inspiration: a. Write/draw about the source b. Improvise in movement about the source c. Create a set dance phrase from the improvisation 3. Lab response journal: Write about your experience, focusing on the experience of improvising vs. creating set movement as well as comparing and contrasting working with the different sources of inspiration....
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