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mi_08_final_dance_requirem - DANC107/207 MOVING ISSUES...

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DANC107/207: MOVING ISSUES, SPRING 2008 REQUIREMENTS FOR FINAL DANCE OR DANCE EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITY For ALL options: Work in progress or a “rough draft” of the project will be shared in class on 4/8. Final projects will be shared in class on 4/29. Additional guidelines: Any and all dance material that you create in or for class may be included. You are encouraged to use movement/material/methods from class and use the class labs & assignments when relevant to help you develop your work. You are encouraged to use your own background in dance, performance, or other arts to strengthen your work. OPTION 1: CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE Create a dance based on an identified personal issue. (You must be able to discuss how your dance is based on this theme and how you worked with it.) Work in progress/rough draft must be a minimum of 1 minute. Dance must be a minimum of 1 ½ minutes. Dance may be choreographed alone, with a partner or group from the class.
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