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Moving Issues, sp 08 Movement Combination 3 Due March 25 1. Pick a combination that you have created for class, write down the original issue that you worked from to create it (if you don’t have any combination that you want to work with at all, use previous methods to create a new one to work with) 2. Show it to someone outside of class and ask them to: a. Tell you something about it that stood out/moved them (they can show you as well) b. Ask you a question about the combination c. Tell you what feelings/images your movement evoked for them 3. Free-write or create a poem about the combination and the feedback you received from the other person
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Pick out the movements, gestures, or shapes from the combination that you really like. 5. Find new ways to create three movement phrases from those movements 6. Combine the new phrases to create a new combination 7. OPTIONAL: put it to music (you may use music in developing it or add it after it has been created) 8. WRITE IT DOWN and be prepared to share in class VIDEO ASSIGNMENT DUE MARCH 25: clash, Ludus Dance Company WILL BE ON RESERVE BY FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT THE LATEST Will most likely need to be viewed on a universal DVD player – ask at the library if you have any questions or problems playing it...
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