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Moving Issues, Spring 2008 DANC 207 Lab, week 3 (Feb. 7) 1. Choose a sentence prompt from class this week. Spend some time writing and/or making art about it. 2. Create 4 questions that your writing/art inspires. For example, if your writing was about a very special experience you had one summer with a close friend that you’ve lost touch with, your questions might be: What was so special about that summer? Why am I thinking about it now? I wonder what my friend’s life is like now? What is the significance of memories in our lives? 3. Pick one of your questions and explore it in movement – you may first choose to
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Unformatted text preview: write/make art or you may jump right into movement. 4. Experiment with improvisation as well as with creating movement phrases that you can repeat or link. 5. Reflect on your experience through writing. This writing can be what you turn in for your lab journal. These are the sentence prompts from class: When I was 5…. My best friend…. I love…. I’m angry…. Summertime…. The next time…. People…. Someone once told me…. If I had…. I feel good about…....
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