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mi_08_lab_week_6_mar_6 - Pick 2 – 4 different ideas that...

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Moving Issues, sp 08 DANC 207 Lab, Week 6, March 6 This lab is very similar to the movement combination assignment for the week – please choose different choreographic/movement elements to experiment with than you do for the combo. 1) Pick an issue to work with – this should be something important or meaningful to you personally, perhaps something you have questions about or about which you would like to develop more depth of awareness. 3) Improvise in movement about it. 4) Use guidelines from the Ellfeldt book p.44 – 55.
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Unformatted text preview: Pick 2 – 4 different ideas that you would like to experiment with. (Not all of the ideas are suitable for solo work.) Use your improvised movement as inspiration and the book guidelines to help you develop your movement. 5) Depending on what movement guidelines you choose, you may or may not develop set movement phrases/combos/etc. You may end up completely working in improvisation OR you may create set dance sequences. 6) Write about this movement experience....
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