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Moving Issues Movement Phrase Homework Assigned January 29, Due Feb 5 1. Take one of the sentences you wrote in class or write a new one from one of the prompts (listed below). 2. Reflect/write/draw about that sentence and how it has meaning for you. 3. Create a movement phrase using one of the following options: a. Create a movement for each word and find a way to connect them into a phrase (the words themselves may be included or just inspiration). b. Circle 5 action words in your sentence or your writing or make a list of 5 words as a
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Unformatted text preview: response to artwork. Make movements from these words and combine them into a phrase. c. Improvise in response to your writing/reflection and create a phrase as you are inspired to do so. 4. Find a way to record your phrase so that you can repeat it and share it in class. Journal Sentence Completion, February 5 When I was 5…. My best friend…. I love…. I’m angry…. Summertime…. The next time…. People…. Someone once told me…. If I had…. I feel good about…....
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