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Moving Issues, sp 08 Movement Phrase 5 Due March 18 1) Write about something in your life that you want MORE of OR something that you want LESS of. You may also use art/poetry/etc. to explore this issue. 2) Create a phrase about this issue – you are encouraged to use methods from class or previous homework to develop your movement. 3) Once you have your set phrase, improvise in dance, using the phrase as the starting point, and
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Unformatted text preview: returning to it frequently. 4) Using your improvisation as inspiration and choreographic ideas as tools, “edit” your phrase, changing it so that the movement patterns, movement and emotional qualities, and the intention are clearer, your connection to it stronger, the dance fuller and so on. 5) Find a way to write down and remember BOTH the initial and final versions of the phrase to share in class....
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