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Moving Issues, sp 08 Movement Phrase 4 Due March 4 1) Write about someone who has inspired you in your life OR about a moment that was very special to you. 2) Read/reflect on your writing. As you do so, keep a piece of paper handy. As you reflect, notice the impulses and sensations you have in your body and write them down. For example, you may feel the urge to sit taller or to stand up. You may have the urge to be very
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Unformatted text preview: still or to lay down. You may want to tap your fingers. Stick with it until you have at least 10. 3) Experiment with expanding these urges into larger movements. 4) Develop a phrase from the movements that you create. 5) Find a way to write it down and remember it to share in class. 6) Write one sentence that captures your experience creating this phrase....
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