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Robert Lopez Germany's Reversal of Fortune Germany destroyed half of Europe, if not more, for two years during the beginning of the second world war. It wasn't until the year 1943 at the battle of Stalingrad that Germany experienced its first major defeat. However in 1941 when the German army began Operation Typhoon and advanced on Moscow events fell into place that would lead Germany to defeat. Germany needed Russia for its oil and when the advance on Moscow began Germany had prepared for a different war. Germany's lightning war had been effective throughout the war but the fight in the Russian conquest was a war of attrition. A war of attrition is a war of supplies and outlasting your enemy, something Germany knew nothing about since most of their campaigns were over almost as soon as they began. Germany lost the second world war because of poor planning, an over inflated ego, and a lack of supplies for a long term war. Germany was originally fighting a single front war on the west against the British, French, and later the Americans. Once Hitler turned his armies around and began fighting on the eastern front he had cut his military force on the western front in half. Additionally after he sent half of his force to Russia he divided that half into three separate parts. This was a foolish move for Hitler because he was only winning the war he was fighting on the western front because of his massive amounts of troops and panzer divisions. Instead of focusing on purely war related objectives, Hitler was busy trying to take care of industrial and economic objectives. These included acquiring Ukrainian grain and Industry. Planning for the Moscow conquest was done on the basis that an invasion would occur in late April or early May 1941 as soon as the spring thaw was over and the ground had dried enough for tanks to move without getting stuck in the
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mud. The invasion did not begin until the end of June which was too close to winter. The
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Why_germany_lost - Robert Lopez Germany's Reversal of...

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