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lit paper 3 4.08 - 350:220:08 lit paper 3 The Ignorance of...

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350:220:08 lit paper 3 The Ignorance of the Laguna The world is separate from the idea of a heaven. It is not always pleasant, nor is it always chaos and destruction. The Laguna people have felt the wrath of the White Man. They blame the White Man for all their troubles. Their belief is that all white people are evil. Betonie's world view is realistic—that is, it is not so narrow minded. The world that Betonie describes is a world that is meant to evolve and the people in the world are meant to evolve with it. The ceremonies are supposed to change with the world. Just as the Laguna accept that land changes with time, young become old, ignorant become wise, so too must they accept that ceremonies must evolve and change with time. Betonie's view of the world is a more realistic view point than the Laguna, and he suggests, as a resolution, for everyone to accept evolution in all things: people, land, and ceremony. The embedded legend tells of witchery telling the story (and simultaneous creation) of the White Man. This legend begins with a gathering of witches for a contest. In general, a contest is borne of struggle between multiple parties, of boredom, and also of a need for change. The contest was meant to merely entertain the witches and not change the world forever, because "this world was already complete/even without white people"(133). Though the other witches protested for the story to be called back, realizing they brought this upon themselves, it was already set in motion. Witchery is what manipulates the world; witchery is not the result of the manipulation, as is thought by the Laguna people. Betonie feels that Native Americans in general are narrow minded; they place too much blame on the White Man and not enough on themselves, or else believe to
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heavily in the idea that they have lost the fight. In the following, Betonie explains to Tayo
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lit paper 3 4.08 - 350:220:08 lit paper 3 The Ignorance of...

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