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WOMEN’S STUDIES CLASS/ SOCIAL ACTION PROJECT Articles: quotations taken for-- Feminism and hiphop Is rap music responsible for promoting racist imagery -- and if so, should there be consequences? rapIf hip-hop is defined by 50 Cent, Lil Jon and the stuff that's commercial today you might make that argument. But the truth is there are a wide array of hip-hop artists out there -- from MF Doom to Common to Immortal Technique -- who rep other perspectives but who are viewed as either too underground or exceptions to the gangsta rules. The mass media, and much of the adult black and white community, define hip-hop by a narrow prism of attitudes. But the truth is there is no truly "acceptable" hip-hop. People wax nostalgic for the days of PE, Boogie Down Productions, etc., but they forget how much heat those acts and others took for their complicated views of black reality. Hip- hop's vitality is directly related to its rebelliousness. You can tame it if you like (or try to), but whatever the result, it won't be hip-hop. -- Nelson George, author of "Hip Hop America" and director of "Life Support" If the question is attempting to address the corporate, commodified and packaged hip-hop music industry, which has helped enrich major record labels and corporate conglomerates, then the answer is no because even within the arena of corporate hip-hop there are rap artists whose music doesn't peddle racist imagery. For example, Lauryn Hill,
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