SOES 1005 Practical 3

SOES 1005 Practical 3 - November 2005 SOES1005 SOES1005...

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November 2005 SOES1005 SOES1005 - Practical 3 Nutrient Biogeochemical Cycles Objectives of this practical: To learn how to use simple 2-box models in chemical oceanography Calculate the fluxes for the major components of the dissolved silicon - cycle To understand the marine biogeochemistry of dissolved silicon To construct a simple 2-box model for dissolved silicon Box models are commonly used by chemical oceanographers to represent the ocean system in a simplified way. They can be very useful for constraining the magnitude of fluxes into and out of the ocean and for establishing mass balance between different reservoirs. In this practical we will consider the global Si cycle and construct a simple 2-box model representing the marine system. Box Models: We often find it convenient to treat the oceans as a layered series of well-mixed reservoirs. Let’s consider two reservoirs, a thin upper layer of warm water and a much larger cold reservoir beneath it. Right at the bottom we have the sediments. What is the boundary separating these two water column reservoirs? The base of the mixed surface layer (Between 100 and 200 m depth) This is the bottom of the upper “box” Below it lies the permanent thermocline extending down to 500-1000m over most of the world’s oceans, and below are intermediate and deep water masses. These all make up the lower “box” which is 20 times bigger by volume.
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SOES 1005 Practical 3 - November 2005 SOES1005 SOES1005...

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